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Geeky Wishlist: Black Widow Merch

If you’re excited as I am about Avengers: Age of Ultron as I am (VERY VERY VERY EXCITED) and you’re sad that Disney/Marvel doesn’t always include Black Widow (VERY VERY VERY SAD)… This post is for you. Also, this post is for me in that I WANT IT ALL. Yep, even the hair bow. It’s super cute! Have I scared off all the boys yet?

I’ve seen mothers, ladies, and other such nerds who want Black Widow merch — official merch, I know — and I’m here to show you some things that aren’t official merchandise, BUT will have you pulling out your wallets for some awesome female superhero stuff. Show Disney and Marvel that you really do want Natasha Romanoff on your body.

First off, I will say that I have seen Her Universe and their Marvel collection for Hot Topic. It’s pretty freakin’ cool. They’re more cosbound. Looks like that one is going out of stock even though they’re on pre-order? Not a bad thing since Her Universe makes some pretty awesome stuff! And it looks like the dress Ashley Eickstein, founder of Her Universe, paired with it for the LA premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron is sold out! AH. Hopefully they come back soon because I’d definitely like to get my hands on them.

Okay, enough of me gushing over the HT stuff. (I’m not being sponsored for this post, I swear. I just love cute things that also happen to be nerdy.)

I looked around Etsy, which has a PLETHORA of Black Widow stuff. Okay, maybe you get spider-related stuff, too, but also NATASHA ROMANOFF!

Okay, some of it is more “girly” like this bow:
black widow bow
It comes in varying sizes as well as a couple of options for the clip. Pretty nifty! [Buy it]

And this necklace seems more gender-neutral:
black widow necklace
The pendant is handmade from aluminum and the cord is leather. [Buy it]

As soon as I saw this t-shirt, I FREAKED OUT. And tweeted about it twice. Personal back story: I hate it when people say things like, “He throws like a girl!” BLERGH. Why not make it a GOOD THING. [Buy it]

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 8.25.28 PM

Okay, I’m going back to Her Universe. Again, I promise this isn’t sponsored by them! Maybe I just really like their stuff.



I like this shirt because even though it does have the hourglass, they added a little extra to it! Also, this shirt comes in plus size. [Buy it]

Saaaaad that this next one only comes in an XS at the moment. I don’t know about you, but I like my hoodies to have a little more room. Probably comes from having only a Men’s Small to chose from in other stores! Anyway, this jacket ROOOOCKS. [Buy it]



So, what do you think of these pieces? Do you own any Black Widow costumes or handmade replicas of her spider bites? Let me know in the comments below!

(images via instagram, etsy, etsy, redbubble, her universe, her universe)


And that’s what you missed on Elizziebooks

Okay, whew, I needed a break? No, I didn’t. I swore to myself that I’d blog more in 2015, told myself I was more in a typing mood than a video making mood, but here we are.

So, what have I been up to? Pulling my hair out over trying to find a job that will actually make money. Reading very little (until this month). Freaking out over bills and adult things. Freaking out over being on a panel at Book Blogger Con this year. Freaking out over money. Again. I know, it’s not a fun thing to talk about, but even when I renewed my domain about five minutes ago, I was thinking, “Okay, here goes more money…” I skipped a book event tonight. I skipped out on hanging out with friends. Heck, I haven’t responded to a friend’s tweet about seeing Furious 7. WHO AM I EVEN?! Responsible adulthood is hard when you currently have not-a-lot-of-money. And yes, I’ve applied to so many jobs. So many that over the past two weeks, I’ve lost count because I didn’t want to make myself sad about it.

I have been helping a local pastor set up a site for crowdfunding missions and ministries. Thank Jesus he paid me really quickly. It’s nice to have considerate folk around who see my talents and are like, “Let me hire you, dear soul!” haha. But really, I had a good time writing pages for the site and learning about a handful of ministries I had never really heard of before.

So, what books have I read in the past couple of months? *scrolls through Read shelf on Goodreads* *clears throat* These are the books that have yet to be mentioned on this blog, but I’ve talked about most of them in video form.

Bombay Blues by Tanuja Desai Hidier: About a girl who goes to India for her cousin’s wedding and has a bunch of life discovery and crazy times. It’s ALL of her thoughts, which is kind of overwhelming, but as someone who has never been to India, I though that it was very descriptive of the sights and sounds I would expect to see if I ever visited Bombay. [Read it]

Yes Please by Amy Poehler: I listened to the audiobook, and I’m pretty sure that makes a WORLD of difference. She’ll introduce the fact that she built her recording studio at the base of some historical site and have conversations with her fellow narrators. Yes, there are other people who tell stories as well! I don’t know if the physical book is like that with the inclusion of stories written by other people,  but I think it makes a good way to show all the things that make Amy… Amy. [Read it]

Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat Lazy Slob Who Did Good by Kevin Smith: I think I know way too much about Kevin Smith now… Haha! But I loved the insight into the commercial side of film. It’s really awesome to see where he came from as a filmmaker and where he is now. He swears off filmmaking in the book to focus more on podcasting, but as we now know, he’s had a part in at least one film since then. [Read it]

Cinder by Marissa Meyer: Awesome concept, but for a first book, it wasn’t really gripping. I know, I know… It gets better from here, but just know that the first book drags here and there. That last part though was hilarious about losing her foot on a live feed. [Read it]

Miss Mayhem by Rachel Hawkins: The Lady Hawkins is back at it again with this sequel to Rebel Belle. As soon as Penguin Teen was like, “Hey, we want you to interview these people. Which book do you want?” I had to stop myself from responding in all caps for this title. I have some mixed feelings about it because after all the MC went through, it felt kind of worthless by the end of the book (THANKS DAVID). I know bigger stuff will happen in book 3. This book was still entertaining and full of southern-ness that I love about this series. [Read it]

On a Clear Day by Walter Dean Myers: I’ll preface this by saying that I hear WDM’s previous works are much better than this and that he passed away last year, rest his soul. This book was interesting in that he had a group of diverse characters, but they were rather stereotypical. Rich white dude, poor Dominican girl, Asian girl who’s good at chess, Russian girl who knows languages and some other stuff, Black guy who runs with a rough crowd. I can’t remember what Javier’s ethnic background was, but he was in a wheelchair so that covers something, right? Eesh. I did find the premise intriguing, but not a lot happened?!?! Yeah. [Read it]

Paper or Plastic by Vivi Barnes: I liked it! I really, really liked it! I feel like this one kind of got me out of a book slump. First time in a while that I read the majority of a book in one day. Okay, yes, it’s about a rich white girl (Lexie) who ends up working at SmartMart after being caught stealing lipstick. There is quite a cast of characters including Noah, Ruthie, Bessie, and more. Her popular friends were a bit stereotypical jerks (aside from Syd but she had her own problems), but they’re the reason for the big conflict in this book (Bryce, Lexie’s BFF, being archenemies with Noah). It’s a pretty cute book, but also has a bit of heaviness when it comes to Lexie’s grandma and Noah’s terrible home life. There was a bit of lack of diversity other than having a few characters who were poor and a character who seemed to have a developmental disability. I know, it’s Florida, where old white people go to chill before Heaven-times, but it wouldn’t hurt to describe characters other than calling Noah “tall, dark, and handsome.” Still, enjoyable read, entertaining. [Read it]

Lois Lane: A Real Work of Art by Gwenda Bond (teaser for Lois Lane: Fallout): This was a fun short story! Yep, it’s a teaser for Gwenda’s novel coming out in May. It follows Lois, new girl in school, who suspects the art teacher as being an art forger. DUN DUN DUN! It wraps itself up pretty nicely, so it’s good on its own as well. [Read it]

I also saw the Insurgent movie and LIKED IT. I’m, like, one of five people. I know. It’s not a perfect adaptation and apparently we miss an integral scene in which Tris is high on some hippie drug stuff. And yes, I’m pissed that in both the book and the movie, Tris loses her ability to form a good plan. Heck, even a half-decent plan that doesn’t involve sacrificing herself. She just LOOKS at Four when he’s like, “We’re doing this.” UGH NO. The only time he ever asks her if something is okay is when they’re about to have sex. And yeah, the movie cut out PTSD. And some stuff happens at the end that I’m sure will change the course of Allegiant. I mean, not to bash the books, but, c’mon. I respect the filmmakers in that they’re trying to make this more than just turning paper into people doing the same stuff on screen.

New Shows I’m Watching: iZombie, Battle Creek, Resident Advisors (Hulu), Last Man on Earth, Man Seeking Woman (way behind on that one, though), aaaaaand?!??! I don’t know what else. I’m trying to make myself read more, y’all! And applying for jobs.

Shows I’m still watching: Flash and Arrow, duh. Gotta get my fill these dynamic teams of people working together to do awesome stuff?!?! Yes.

Shows I’ve quit watching for my own feels’ sakes: New Girl (don’t tell me Jess and Nick don’t belong together because hello that needs to be a thing forever bye). I’m taking a break from watching The Mindy Project. Sometimes it says weird things about women and sometimes that’s super uncomfortable. Sometimes it does awesome things like Mindy being awesome in California and Morgan being Morgan. I think this is a show I’d rather marathon than watch each week, yeah? Yeah.

Podcasts?!?! Just Nerdist. Like, how does this dude (and a couple other dudes, sometimes) get people to say so many inspiring things?!?! And the Hostful episodes are super freaking funny. Also, I’m sort of tearing up listening to Billy Crystal talk about certain things. I’M OKAY. And the Grace Helbig episode encompassed how I feel about VidCon and stuff.

Okay, I think that about covers… EVERYTHING. Whew. It was a lot to get through, but if you read it all, THANKS A BILLION QUADRILLION. You da best. Gold stars. High fives. *praise hands emoji* (What the heck did I do before emojis?)




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So, my friend Alli and I both had about the same idea about doing a podcast and one glorious moment came in which we set a time and date for our first episode. This one also involves our friend Christina. Most of our podcast episodes will involve our friends! Who would we be without them? They’ve fostered our fangirling ways and never tell us to calm down when we flail like mad. (Thanks ladies). Here’s episode 1 which I titled “Spreadsheets of Fangirl Proportions” because Alli talks about the spreadsheet she made for Christina’s Arrow-watching schedule.


The DUFF Movie Giveaway! (US Only)


About a month or so ago, I reviewed The DUFF by Kody Keplinger. Love, love, loved it! The movie based off the book is in theaters on February 20 and stars some of my favorites: Mae Whitman, Allison Janney, Ken Jeong, and Robbie Amell.

The movie is about Bianca (Mae Whitman) who is friends with two of the school’s hottest ladies (Skyler TheDuff-Image2Samuels and Bianca A. Santos). She’s a cheesy horror movie addict and daughter of a divorcee-turned-self-help-guru (Allison Janney). One night, at a party, Wesley (Robbie Amell) calls her a “DUFF” — Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Basically, she’s the person someone talks to if they want to go about dating her more desirable friends. She decides that she no longer wants to be the DUFF, so in return for helping Wesley study for Chemistry, he helps her shake the DUFF title.


I looooove the song in this trailer. When I found it on YouTube, I played it over five times. Okay, that’s a LOT for me.

Giveaway Pack: 
I’m giving away a prize pack that includes ONE “The DUFF” t-shirt (Bella Thorne not included.)
The DUFF TShirt

One copy of The DUFF with tie-in movie cover
The DUFF bookcover

And one mini-poster

MANY WILL ENTER, ONE WILL WIN. (Starts: 2/12/15 noon – 2/18/15 11:59pm)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Official Websites:
Follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
Visit the Official Website
Follow TheDUFFMovie on Snapchat for exclusive chats and content debuts


Libib App Review

FTC Disclaimer: I was paid to promote this app, but my review is an honest one.

My username is Elizziebooks on the app/site.

Things you can catalog with Libib:
Books, movies, music, and video games.

How can you access Libib?:
Libib.com or the Libib app on iOS and Android devices.

Libraries – sort of like Goodreads shelves
Feed – status updates
Groups – series
Tags – uh, that’s self-explanatory, right?
Notes – thoughts as you read or whatever.
Review – write your thoughts… more defined.
Rating – THIS SUCKER LETS YOU RATE HALF-STARS. WHAT THA. *kisses all the babies*
Scan or Add Manually (ISBN or add a new thing).
The status of what you’re reading/watching/playing: Not Begun, In Progress, Abandoned, Completed. That’s right… There’s an “Abandoned” setting. WHAT.

Some other stuff:

  • If you have a WordPress/gravatar profile, it uses that to give you a profile picture. I’ve been told from fellow users that it makes you sign up via WordPress profile.
  • It doesn’t connect to other social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).