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Review: Purity by Jackson Pearce

After being a part of the Southern Book Bloggers’ Purity ARC tour, it took me so long to get this review up!  First, I didn’t think my review sounded right, so I filmed it again.  Then, school got in the way!  Finally, I had some spare time in between tests to upload this.  WHEW.  So here’s my review.



Since her mom’s death, Shleby has had to keep three promises to her mom: Love and listen to your father, love as much as possible, and live without restraint.  This story is basically her balancing of the first and the third, trying to please her dad by going to the Princess Ball all the while trying to figure out how she can lose her virginity.

Review / Insight

And then there’s the inner monologue about her spiritual beliefs.  Shelby believes in God, but as a God that took away her mom.  I was the total opposite in high school.  I didn’t understand how people could say such things!  It made me angry.  In a weird way, that helped me connect with her questioning of God.  Everyone has a different perspective on God, a different relationship, if you will.  That is something I think a lot of people will need to understand before reading this book.  Not everyone believes the same.  BUT we do all go through something similar of questioning and fortifying what we believe, whether it’s in God or something/someone else, etc.

*steps off soap box*

This book made me hungry after reading!  I just want a big stack of french fries and possibly a milkshake.

Also, I loved Shelby’s speech at the Princess Ball.  That was the best.

I didn’t really buy into the cuteness of Jonas.  I mean, I like Hamlet and all, but meh.  Unless he looks like Nick Jonas, then okay, I’ll swoon.  I’m 24 and I like the Jonas Brothers, okay? Okay.

Ruby was baller.  Even though she was the devil to Jonas’ angel, she was pretty spectacular in the friend department.  Sometimes you just have to feed into the crazy, am I right?

And that’s what I thought of Purity by Jackson Pearce.

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  1. Pahahaaaa ahh your video made me laugh. That Hamlet pretencianado (my word for pretentious douches who pretend to be nerds and get your hopes up) sounds really annoying. I don’t like him.

    I do like to read books about people not wanting to lose their virginity because I think it is much more common in the US to want to be ‘Pure’ as opposed to the UK where we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate and sleep around…quite a bit. Lol. It’s fascinating to get a different perspective.

    Great review- I was following before but now I have Networked blogged you up. Woop x

  2. I love your header….so adorable!

    This book seems to be either love it/hate it. lol I have it coming up for review & I have no clue how I’ll feel based on what everyone else is saying.

    • elizziebooks elizziebooks


      Definitely just do YOUR review. Don’t think about what everyone else is thinking :] People read your blog for your opinions anyway!

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