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Tune In Tuesday (12) – Random Playlist 1

Tune in Tuesday Random Playlist Icon

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly feature by Greads.  May is Random Playlist month!  Turn on iTunes and hit that shuffle.  Below are some mixes I made from a recent shuffle session!




1. “The Beat Goes On” by Britney Spears –  I always liked this song as a throwback to the 1960s and 1970s.  That must be because it’s a cover of Sonny & Cher‘s The Beat Goes On.

2.  “College Kids” by Relient K – Always always always loved this song.  Even in high school.  It’s all about straying from the norm, which was a comforting message.

3.  “Vessels” by Freelance Whales – Instrumental track.  Mmm, banjo.

4. “Golden Years” by David Bowie – This man has such a voice!  I enjoy jamming out to his music.

5.  “Proctor Rd.” by The Matches – A Band in Hope is such a powerful album.  My friend Tracey introduced me to this band and I’ve loved them ever since.  Sadly, they broke up a few years ago! Cries.

I couldn’t find a video of this song that wasn’t a live-shaky-cam.

6.  “Birmingham (We Are Safe)” by David Crowder*Band – This is one of those happy dance songs.  The musicianship of DC*B songs is so great.  I love that they throw bits of electronic noises into their songs.

7. “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” by She & Him – They play songs that make me want to just lay on the floor all day.  Good zone-out music!  I love Zooey’s voice with M. Ward’s musical stylings.


  1. Mandie Mandie

    Very different picks. Such a fun months with tune in! Especially like # 7!

  2. You have an awesome music library! Love the song picks, especially Freelance Whales & Reliant K :)

    • elizziebooks elizziebooks

      Thanks Ginger! Mmmhmm I’m glad they popped up on shuffle.

  3. Awesome picks- I love Freelance Whales…

    • elizziebooks elizziebooks

      me too. I love their banjo playing :]

  4. Oh my goodness! I’ve never heard that Britney Spears cover before! I love it!

    Thanks for visiting my Tune in Tuesday!


    • elizziebooks elizziebooks

      yay for new music!

      You’re welcome!

  5. 1) Your header is freaking adorable and fantastic.
    2) My sister used to be obsessed with Britney Spears when we were younger so I listened to her quite a bit. I did enjoy this song quite a bit :] Also, it reminds of Pepsi, for some reason…
    3) I freaking love that Relient K song! I always thought I’d love college so this song was just kind of funny, but then I ended up hating it and this was more like an anthem for me 😛
    4) I really like David Crowder Band. Some of their songs just make me want to dance :]

    • elizziebooks elizziebooks

      1. Thank you!
      2. Oh man, the Pepsi commercials.
      3. Yayyyy
      4. yesss i love the dancing songs.

    • elizziebooks elizziebooks

      Thanks! Ah, I love the Christmas album :]

      Ooh I like Doctor Who. I recently got a poster that says Keep Calm and Wear a Fez.

  6. So much fun randomness in this post today! Everything from Britney to Relient K (love them!!!) and even She & Him is absolutely fabulous.

    • elizziebooks elizziebooks

      Thanks! YESSSS all the good musics 😀

  7. You had me at Relient K, then you won at She & Him.

    “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here” is a good song, but I always liked “I Thought I Saw Your Face Today” better. I got to see them perform two years ago at Forecastle Festival here in Louisville. I maintain that Zooey Deschanel winked at me.

    Also, banjos = cool.

    • elizziebooks elizziebooks


      Both are great! As well as Don’t Look Back. AHHH I want to see them live! I WANT. I bet that was the greatest wink of all time! 😀

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