Tune in Tuesday (11) – Daft Punk – TRON: Legacy

Tune in Tuesday is a lovely weekly feature by Greads.  Basically, I get to tell you about the music I listen to instead of just BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS.

This week, I am highlighting Daft Punk.  I chose some of my favorite tracks from the TRON Legacy soundtrack, which I listen to quite often.  Specifically when I’m studying or writing papers.  It makes me feel like I’m in the Grid and having to escape!  Ah!  If you haven’t seen TRON: Legacy, get on that.

Some at least one of the tracks on this playlist is a remixed version from TRON: Legacy Reconfigured which includes remixes by other artists.  And this wouldn’t be a Daft Punk playlist if I didn’t throw in Harder Better Faster Stronger, which is not on the TRON: Legacy soundtrack, but it’s a DP classic.

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If you could listen to one of these songs ALL DAY LONG, which one would you chose?  Also, what do you listen to as study/work jams?  

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6 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday (11) – Daft Punk – TRON: Legacy

  1. you can’t beat Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross’ soundtrack to Fincher’s The Social Network (2010) if you’re doing anything on a computer.

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