Tune in Tuesday (9): Music I Listened To

Thought I’d do something a tad bit different today!  I wanted to show you some of the musics I listened to in middle school and high school.  Woo!

Tune in Tuesday is a feature by Greads that is all about sharing our musical tastes! Click here for her most recent post.

Some of the favorites:
-Backstreet Boys
-Tilly and the Wall
-Relient K
-John Mayer

What are some of your old favorites?  What’s some music you’ve “grown out of”?

7 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday (9): Music I Listened To

  1. Middle School wasn’t that long ago for me:

    -Jonas Brothers
    -Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus

    I am so embarassed by my music choices in middle school.

  2. I STILL have all of my Backstreet Boys cds. I never was an NSYNC fan, but boy did I love BSB! :) Awesome post! Thanks for sharing your musical past and also for stopping by my Tune in Tuesday.

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